Olov Lassus

Speaking at DevLin and Front-Trends

14 Feb 2012

I’m excited to be invited to speak at DevLin2012 (Sweden) and Front-Trends (Poland). Lots of interesting topics there that I want to attend. Summaries of my own talks follows below:

Evolution vs. revolution with JavaScript and Dart (DevLin2012)

There are clear benefits to developing modern web apps but what are the drawbacks? How are we limited by the programming language JavaScript which in practice means ECMAScript 3 from 1999?

We’ll cover different opportunities and challenges such as performance, startup time, scalability with a growing code base and developer team, productive development environments, strict enough but at the same time expressive enough language semantics, tools for code analysis and more.

The upcoming ECMAScript 6 represents an evolution of today’s JavaScript. Dart starts from scratch with a newly designed language for the web. How do they relate to the challenges above? When can you start using them and what do they require from the end-user environments?

How can we make the best of JavaScript as we know it today?

JavaScript: the subsets we use (Front-Trends)

Is it possible to make our programs more robust, easier to reason about and more enjoyable to write by carefully restricting our usage of the JavaScript language? Let’s talk about that.

Olov Lassus is a Swedish passionate programmer who started his career in the 16-bit game development era of the early 90′s. He got into JavaScript by accident when writing his master’s thesis and it has pursued him ever since. He likes to fiddle with language design, programmer productivity and tooling.

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