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Olov Lassus

I’m Olov Lassus, a passionate programmer. I live in Linköping, Sweden. My programming background stems from game development on consoles and computers using asm, C and C++, via various dialects of LISP for fun and school, then via embedded set-tops (C and C++), to front- and backend web programming in JS. I’ve done plenty of Python and more Java than I wanted.

I’m the founder of Lassus Software AB. We released our first product Metics in Q1 2013.

I talk at conferences from time to time on topics such as JS, robust but fun code, programmer productivity, tooling and programming languages. I teach programming in workshops and classes at my facility as well as on-site at your company. I often custom tailor this based on your needs. I have participated at company strategy days and kick-offs where I have given thought provoking presentations on relevant topics. I do this in Swedish and English. Send me a mail if you’re interested and we’ll work something out.

Olov Lassus email address

I’m @olov on Twitter. My github, linkedin, g+

Some of my open source projects

defs.js, ng-annotate, Restrict mode for JavaScript, JSShaper

My NPM packages

I’ve contributed bits and pieces to

Clojure, Mozilla, jQuery, GLOW, JRuby, Pygments, Jekyll